27 May 2016

The latest version of Dashboard Builder (v 1.3.1) is out now!

This version of Dashboard Builder has been updated with some minor enhancements and new features. These updates include Data Manager changes, the new ability to use CKAN CSV data directly and Layer Manager changes.

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12 February 2016

This update (version 1.2.4) includes the ability to allow for dashboards to join CSV files with only partial matches Рi.e. the CSV files do not need to contain all records for each of the features in the data layer Рand bug fixes.

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25 January 2016

The latest version of Dashboard Builder (v 1.2.2) is out now!

This update includes the addition of four new dashboard layout templates, a more responsive layout for viewing on small screen, new and enhanced dashboard functionalities, bug fixes and more.

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September 2015

The latest version of Dashboard Builder now allows users to create dashboards with web maps containing Tiled Maps. Users can now also create dashboards with web maps that do not use the Web Mercator projection.

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August 2015

The latest update includes a new chart, the ability to add comparison areas via CSV files, enhanced user interface, functionality to define custom legends on a per-indicator basis, new ‘Edit Layer Properties’, and more.

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May 2015

In addition to bug fixes the May 2015 update introduces the new population pyramid layout and enhancements on legend palettes, the data manager, saving functionality and Area Breakdown Bar Chart.

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