IA National Data Service – Census 2021 – Demography and Migration Topic

Last updated: 21st of December 2022

The National Data Service has been updated with the data from the Demography and migration topic summary from Census 2021.

This adds nearly 1,500 new indicators to the service, with data available at the geographies it has been published for by ONS:

  • Country
  • Region
  • Upper Tier Local Authority
  • Lower Tier Local Authority
  • Middle Layer Super Output Area
  • Lower Layer Super Output Area

To display the LSOA level data we have added a new core geography to the National Data Service called LSOA 2021.

Although ONS did not publish data at ward level, where possible we have generated values at this level by aggregating values from OA area using a population weighted centroids best fit method.

These new indictors are all located under the Population theme, and organised into subthemes that reflect the census table that they were sourced from. We have retained the structure the data were published in, and have also retained the name of the census table in the theme names and indicator names. This is helpful for users that are familiar with the way the census data is organised and/or the names of the tables.

Under each top level theme in the National Data Service, the old data from Census 2011 have been moved into a subtheme labeled Census 2011, to avoid confusion with the 2021 data.

For customers with a managed Data Observatory website, the data are displayed in the following places:

1) Population Map Explorer (updated 6th Dec 2022)

Map explorer with census 2021 data

2) Data Explorer (updated 6th Dec 2022)

Data explorer with census 2021 data

3) Upper and lower tier local authority Population reports (updated 7th and 9th Dec 2022)

Report with Census 2021 data from Demography and migration topic

In January we will be adding data for the further topic summaries that have been released by ONS and updating our ward level reports in addition to the reports at local authority level.