Report Properties

The report properties dialog allows you to change properties (or settings) that apply to the whole report. These are organised into four tabs:


  • Title – this title is used as the page/browser title when you view a report and is also used in your home page.
  • Language – the language your report is written in.
  • Snippet – a short block of text for search results and links.
  • Description – this is only used (currently) on the index page of your report.
  • Feature ID Field – this is the field in your map data that uniquely identifies each feature in your map/report. It is best if you use values that do not contain spaces or punctuation for this since these IDs are used to build URLs.
  • Tags – use for a comma separated list of labels.
  • Feature ID Field – the codes of this field are used to attach data to the report and therefore must match with codes that are used in e.g. your csv file containing your indicators.
  • Feature Name Field – this is the field in your map data that visually identifies each feature in your map/report. The values can contain spaces and punctuation – they are not used to build URLs but will show up in report pages, in map tooltips and on buttons and links etc.

Index Page

The settings here impact how the index page of the report looks like.

  • Layout – allows you to insert the map or geography features hyperlinks or both map and hyperlinks in the report.
  • Show Search – displays a search box on the index page.
  • Hyperlink Style – this determines how the hyperlinks are displayed.
  • Show Description – allows you to insert the report description (from Basics tab) to the index page.
  • Open Reports in – specifies how the report is opened, in the same window (default), new window or popup window.

Page Display

  • Page Navigation – specifies how the report page is navigated when viewed.
  • Page Borders – specifies the style of the report page border.


  • Allow Export to – enables the ability to export the report to PDF file.
  • Allow Sharing via – allows you to share the report through a list of social networking sites.


  • Set what is displayed when printing a report.