Text Widget

text-widget-iconThe Text Widget letsĀ you add text to your report. By dragging in a text widget you can position it as required and enter the text using a WYSIWYG Editor panel. With this you can edit the text, change the styling, font, size, alignment, colour, background colour and insert hyperlinks. You can also copy and paste text from other applications.

Variables – As well as adding static text to your report you can include data values from your feature service or linked CSV / Table. These can be incorporated into the text through the text editor as variable names.

Text Rules – Build intelligence into your report through the use of text rules. Using these you can do some simple tests against the data for the area being reported. e.g. display one block of text if the area is greater than X population and another if it is less than X population. Multiple rules can be added to single text widget.