Spacing and Anchoring Widgets

There are a number of methods to control the position of widgets on the page to achieve the desired report design.

Each widget can be forced to align with the left or right of the page.  This is achieved by right clicking on a widget and choosing anchor left or right. If a widget is not appearing where you think it should then it is worth re-applying this setting.

Each widget has its own margins.  You can control how much space a widget has around it by setting its margins. This is done by double clicking on the widget and selecting the ‘Spacing’ tab.

Each widget has a border around it.  The borders are shown by default in the design page with a dashed line.  You can turn the borders off using the ‘View ‘button.  Extending the borders can be a useful way to easily space out widgets.  For example, if you would like some white space to appear below some text you can easily extend the widget border down the page. Likewise if you would like a Title to appear on its own line you can extend its border horizontally to force and adjacent widget onto the next line. This can be a simpler method than setting margins for every widget.