ArcGIS Layers

How to add data from additional ArcGIS Online Layers

You may want to include data in your report from multiple feature layers in ArcGIS Online.  To do this go to Data Sources and click the ‘Layer’ button.  You can either browse for layers in your ArcGIS Online organisation using the ‘Choose Layer’ button or use the ‘Enter URL’ button to enter the address of the feature layer

ArcGIS Server

If you want to add data from your own ArcGIS Server the data will need to be published as a map service.  The url to the map service will have be a publically accessible for Report Builder to connect to it.  Note your services may need to be available over https depending on how your ArcGIS Online organisation is set up.  Use “Enter URL” button above to add the layers.  You should connect directly to the number layer of interest rather than the higher level map service.


You will also need to ensure that any data sources that are coming from other servers have Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) enabled on them.

Secured ArcGIS Services

If your ArcGIS Server layers are secured using ArcGIS Server authentication then you may still be able to use them.  See here for more information.