Create a new report from an IA Data Catalog

This guide describes the steps to create a new report from an InstantAtlas Data Catalog. Note that if you don’t have access to a Data Catalog we suggest to create a report with this guide instead. Contact support ( for more information on the Data Catalog.

Step 1 – Pick the Data Catalog connection

Use the link on the home page to ‘Sign In‘ with your ArcGIS Online account.  You will be presented with a view of the folders available in your ArcGIS Online account.  Something like this:

Click on the orange ‘New Report’ button and select the option ‘…from Data Catalog’:

Step 2 – Pick a layout

You will now be presented with a list of layouts that are available for you to build your report from.  Some layouts are optimized for on-screen display while others are best suited for print out reports. Here you can select the ‘1000px Wide’ under ‘Screen Sizes’ tab and then ‘Create’.

Step 3 – Choose a geography

You will be presented with a list of geographies for your organization. For this tutorial select ‘<your organization>_BaseMaps_Ward’. This will open a new report that contains ward data from the data catalog for your organization.

Step 4 – Add a widget to your design canvas

To start and fill the blank canvas you can drag and drop widgets from the Toolbox tab on the left hand side onto the canvas. We suggest you start with a Text widget to create a heading for your report. Ensure the ‘Text’ group is expanded and then drag the text icon onto the canvas. Whilst the mouse button is still pressed you will see a light yellow box with a red dashed line indicating where the widget will appear.


After releasing the mouse button the text widgets appears in edit mode already containing some sample text. Here you can change the text and its formatting.

When you are done with your changes you can save them using the floppy disc icon in the toolbar. The text widget will now show in the set formatting and the variable will be replaced with the name of the first feature in your feature layer.

You can change the selected feature by clicking on the ‘View’ button at the top menu. Here you can also toggle widget borders on and off.  As you can see, settings and design are kept for all areas.

Step 5 – Save your report

You should now save your report using the ‘Save’ button at the top menu. The first time you save your report you will be prompted to enter a title. Optionally you can add more tags which would allow users to find your report within ArcGIS Online. Make sure not to change any of the default tags. If you have multiple folders set up in your ArcGIS Online account, you can specify which folder the report will be saved into.

Whilst you are designing your report you should regularly click on the ‘Save’ button to ensure you don’t lose any work.

Step 6 – Preview and share your report

To preview your report, click on the Preview button at the top menu to open the report in a new tab. Once you are happy with your final report, click on ‘Share & Embed’ under ‘Actions’ section at the ‘Report Settings’ tab on the left hand side.

Here you can share your report with people of your organization, certain user groups or make it available for everyone.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully created your first InstantAtlas Report.