Data Catalog (National Data Service)

Esri UK provides a National Data Service for clients in England. This consists of publicly available data for your area.  Data covers a wide range of topics including population, crime, housing, economy, health and deprivation. The data is sourced from a variety of major providers including ONS, Nomis, DCLG, Police UK, Valuation Office Agency and Public Health England. Esri UK continually keeps the data up to date and publish this as a set of feature services that can be used in your reports, dashboards and web maps. As part of the service we provide a theme hierarchy to make it easy to use the data you are interested in within our apps.

The National Data Service is delivered as an InstantAtlas InstantAtlas Data Catalog.

If you are using the National Data Service then the easiest way to start a report is using the orange ‘New Report’ button and pick ‘from Data Catalog’.  See also the tutorial here.