Data Sources

When you first start a report the only data available will be what’s in the map layer that you chose from your webmap.  You can optionally though include further data from a range of data sources including CSV files, ArcGIS Tables and Layers (both online and ArcGIS Server), and InstantAtlas Data Catalogs.

This is done by ‘joining’ to these data sources via a common set of attributes.  Prior to adding new data sources you need make sure the feature field for the report is set to a field that has unique ids for each area and is going to match the field values in the first column of your additional data sources.  Set the feature field in the report properties dialog.

Once done you can select Data Sources under the Report Settings tab.

You should see a data sources panel with a data tree listing all the available fields for the report from each data source (displayed as a folder). The first data source (folder) always displays the field attributes available from the map layer your report is based upon.

In the data manager image above, you can see that some of the indicator names are followed by a calendar symbol and a date value. These are called time series data, click here for more information about how to set them up.

Using the buttons below the field list you can add data from additional data sources.  See the relevant help page for each one.

Note that after you have added a CSV / Table into the report, you won’t be able to change the Feature ID again.

When another data source is added all of its indicators will be listed in the data tree, click Apply to return to the report. You should now see that all the data shown is now available to all widgets.