The Report Builder Editor

The Report Builder Editor page consists of three main components.

InstantAtlas Report Builder Editor screen

Top Menu

The Editor top menu provides access to settings and controls that apply to the report as a whole.

  • Report – this menu is described on the Report Menu page.
  • Styling – this menu is described on the Styling Menu page.
  • Pages – this menu is described on the Pages Menu page.
  • Zoom – use this menu to change the zoom level for the workspace.
  • View – use this menu to change the feature that is being viewed in the report.
  • Save button – use this button to save changes to your report. The button is shaded orange when there are unsaved changes.

There is also an ellipsis that allows you to access settings for the Editor itself.

  • Show widget boundaries – choose whether or not you want to see light dotted lines in the workspace to show the boundary of each widget. If you turn these off, you will be viewing the report as the end-user would be.
  • Apply shortcuts instantly – the properties for each widget includes a shortcut tab that allows you to quickly apply combinations of settings. You can choose whether the shortcut will apply instantly or whether this only happens once you have previewed the settings.

Widgets menu

The widgets menu on the left of the page provides a list of all of the widget types that can be used in a report. The widgets are grouped in sections that can be expanded and collapsed.


The workspace located to the right of the widgets menu shows the page of the report that is currently active. This workspace only shows one page at a time, even if further pages are added to a report.