Create a new report from an InstantAtlas Data Catalog

This page describes how to create a new report from an InstantAtlas Data Catalog. A Data Catalog is a specific way of simplifying the structuring, navigation and delivery of large volumes of statistics and indicators within ArcGIS Online. It is the way in which the InstantAtlas team deliver data for the National Data Service as a managed service.

If you are not licensed to access data in a Data Catalog, you should create a report with this guide instead.

Step 1 – Create a report and choose a Data Catalog

On the Report Builder home page, click the orange New Report button top right. Choose the from Data Catalog option.

The Choose Data Catalog window will open. This will list Data Catalogs saved in your organisation.   If you wish to use a Data Catalog that is stored in your organisation and that you are managing yourself, simply click on the catalog to select it.

If you are a National Data Service customer, you should turn off the only search in my organisation option at the bottom of the window to see your Data Catalog. If you think you are licensed to use a Data Catalog and cannot locate it, contact the InstantAtlas team using

InstantAtlas Report Builder Choose Data Catalog screen

Click on the catalog to select it and click the Choose button.

Step 2 – Choose a core layer

You will be prompted to choose the core layer (you can think of this as the geography layer) in the Data Catalog to use for the report.

InstantAtlas Report Builder Choose Core Layer screen

Tick the appropriate checkbox and then click the Choose button. If you have the permissions to use the Data Catalog you searched for, the Report Builder editor page will appear. If this page does not appear, you do not have the correct permissions – contact the InstantAtlas team using

InstantAtlas Report Builder Editor screen

Step 3 – Add widgets to the report

Drag and drop a widget from the Widgets menu on the left hand side onto the page in the workspace. In the example below a Data Table widget was used.

Click in the middle of the table widget to select it and click the Properties button in the widget toolbar. The Data & Settings window will open. Click the Data tab.

InstantAtlas Data Catalog Edit Table screen

The first folder in the list of data sources is the underlying web map that the report is based on – you can ignore this. The second folder contains the data in your data catalog. You can drill down to find the indicator(s) you wish to add to the widget and choose how many dates from the time series should be added. When you have made your selection, you can click the Settings tab to edit the widget settings if necessary. Once you have finished editing your widget, click the OK button.

Next steps

The process for building your report is essentially the same as that described in this guide for creating a report from a web map. However, when you add data to a widget you will have access to the full range of indicators in your data catalog. Visit the Editor page for information about the editor page menus and the Widget pages for more information on how to use specific widgets.