Pages Menu

The Pages menu provides access to the areas and options described below.

New Page

The New Page option will add a new page to your report. To switch between the pages of your report use the < > navigation arrows in the bottom right corner of the Report Builder editor workspace.


The options under Layout are the following:

  • Flowing – (normal document layout, visual position is related to position in the document, float left, right etc.)
  • Absolute – (page is fixed size, widgets are positioned absolutely within that page, more like a dashboard)


There are various pre-defined options available under Size. There is also an option for defining a custom size. When choosing a size you should take into account the information on the Responsive Settings page.


There are various pre-defined options available under Margin. These will add top/right/bottom/left margins to the report pages of the size specified in pixels. There is also an option for defining custom margins so that you can set each margin independently. If you wish to add margins, it is preferable to do this before you start designing your report. If you change your margins later on, you may need to adjust the width or layout of the widgets in your report.


The Edit Page Order window allows you to change the order of pages in your report and to delete unwanted pages.

InstantAtlas Report Builder Edit Page Order screen

Click the arrow buttons to move pages or the Delete button to remove a page. Then click the Apply button.


The Advanced Settings window allows you to make some additional adjustments to the appearance and navigation of the report pages.

IA Report Builder Pages Advanced Settings screen

  • Border – choose a border setting to apply to all of the pages in the report.
  • Display – choose whether the report will display as flowing or paged report.
  • Buttons – choose whether a navigation bar and/or previous/next page arrows will be displayed when the report is viewed.