Report Properties

The report properties dialog allows you to change properties (or settings) that apply to the whole report. These are organised into four tabs:


  • Title – this title is used as the page/browser title when you view a report and is also used in your home page.
  • Language – the language your report is written in.
  • Description – this is only used (currently) on the index page of your report.
  • Feature ID Field – this is the field in your map data that uniquely identifies each feature in your map/report. It is best if you use values that do not contain spaces or punctuation for this since these IDs are used to build URLs.
  • Feature Name Field – this is the field in your map data that visually identifies each feature in your map/report. The values can contain spaces and punctuation – they are not used to build URLs but will show up in report pages, in map tooltips and on buttons and links etc.


  • Allow Export to – enables the ability to export the report to PDF file.
  • Allow Sharing via – allows you to share the report through a list of social networking sites.


Allows you to control the default settings for printing. Note that normally a browser will allow the end user to override these settings.


The advanced settings are detailed on a separate page.