Using data from an InstantAtlas Desktop Excel workbook in Report Builder

As an InstantAtlas Desktop user you may wish to use the same data you used in stand-alone dynamic reports to create reports using Report Builder. You are probably already using our Excel Data Manager Add-In that allows you to export data from an Excel workbook into an InstantAtlas Desktop report. We have improved this Add-In now so that it will also allow you to export the data into a CSV file that can be uploaded to the InstantAtlas Report Builder.

To use it please follow these steps:

    1. Check that you have the InstantAtlas Data Manager add-in version 6.10.0 or later installed. If not, download the latest Add-In file from here and install it in Excel. For information on how to do this please refer to this help page.
    2. In Excel, under the Add-ins tab, you can now find a new button called IA Exportfor RB+:
    3. Click this button and save the files in a location that you can easily find. The tool will create a CSV file and a JSON file with the same names but different file extensions. The JSON file is a data model file for Dashboard Builder and can be ignored if you wish to use the data in Report Builder. The CSV file contains you data in a CSV format with concatenated theme, indicator and (where applicable) associate names as column names, delimited by a pipe character from the date.
    4. You can now upload this file to your ArcGIS Online account and connect it to Report Builder as described here.