Bar Chart Widget

Description Show your map data as a bar chart. With this widget you can choose which attributes / indicators you would like display in bar chart form.
Show All Areas By default the chart displays data for the one area being profiled. You can over-ride this though so that the chart
shows information for all the areas in you map. You’d often use this option if you just wanted to show a single variable but see how the profiled area compares to all others in your map.
The profiled area can be highlighted in the bar chart.
Show Comparison Values If you have set up comparison areas in your feature service (see Data section) you can choose to display data in your bar chart for those areas. This is often used to display for instance national or regional figures. The comparison values can be displayed in line or bar format.
Bar orientation Bars can be displayed horizontally or vertically in the chart.
Bar style and width A range of styles are available for displaying the bars. Bar width can also be defined.
Bar palettes Different colour palettes can be used to display the bars. Alternatively custom palettes can be set to get bars to appear in specific colours.
Bar tooltip A tooltip can be configured to display e.g. feature name & value, when the user hovers over any bar.
Stacked bars Bars can be displayed in stacked form. This is often used to show multiple indicator values in a single bar. Bars will be grouped by date if time series data has been defined.
Group bars Bar charts can be set up to either group bars by indicator or area. For instance show indicators along the axis and area in the bar legend or vice versa.
Sort bars Bars can be sorted by value in ascending or descending order.
Axis Labels There are a variety of settings that allow you to control how the axis labels are displayed including font, size, value, orientation, wrapping, constrain axis values, label intermittently etc.
Borders, colours and styles You can change various aspects of how the bar chart appears including background colours, highlight colours, Titles.
Quick Picks This provides you with some common bar chart configuration options that can be applied with a single click.