Bar Chart Widget

This page describes specific settings for the Bar Chart widget. Note that generic widget settings are described on the Widget Generic Settings page, so if you cannot find the setting you are looking for check there too. It is good practice to design your charts to be as accessible as possible.



Choose between vertical or horizontal bars


Set the bar width

Tooltip Format

Choose the tooltip format. Click the arrow on the right to see suggested values. If you wish to add confidence limit values to the tooltip you can use the variables #YMIN and #YMAX.

Sort Bars by Value

Choose whether bars should be sorted by data value, and if so ascending or descending order. This will be greyed out if the Type setting under Series is not set to indicators-as-series.

Use Stacked Bars

Click the toggle to show stacked bars. Your data must be able to support this and it is likely that you will need to adjust other settings to combine with this one. This is often used to show multiple indicator values in a single bar. Bars will be grouped by date if time series data has been defined.

Comparisons as Lines

Click the toggle to show comparison features as lines rather than bars.

Value Labels Style

If you are showing value labels on bars, choose between text and badge.

Value Labels Font Size

If you are showing value labels on bars, set the font size in pixels.



Type the name of the font you would like to use for axis text into the box.

Font size

Type into the box or use the arrows to set the font size for axis text.

X Axis Label Format

Choose a label format for the X axis. Refer to the Variables page for information on the possible values.

X Axis Title

Type a title that will be displayed for the X axis.

X Axis Label Format

Choose a number format for the Y axis. Refer to the Number Formats page for more information.

Y Axis Title

Type a title that will be displayed on the Y axis e.g. ‘Percentage’ or ‘Rate per 1000’

Colors & Highlights


Choose a color palette for the widget. You can edit the active palette by clicking the x buttons to remove colors or the + button to add colors. There are also buttons to change to a different palette completely, to copy/paste color codes to/from the clipboard and to toggle the direct edit view that allows you to type in color codes delimited by commas e.g. #a6cee3 #b2df8a #fb9a99 #fdbf6f #cab2d6 #ffff99 #1f78b4 #33a02c #e31a1c #ff7f00.

Chart Background Color

Choose a background color for the chart.

Highlight Selected Feature

Choose whether you would like the widget to highlight the selected feature.

Highlight Color

Choose a highlight color for the selected feature. This setting will be greyed out if Highlight Selected Feature is false.

Highlight Style

Choose a highlight style for the selected feature.

Limits & Error Bars

Please refer to this page for the use of these settings.