Repeating Icon Widget

html5-repeating-icon-widget-iconThe Repeating Icon widget allows you to build  a simple infographic that shows a number as a set of icons.

The default is to show one icon for each integer (so a value of 45 would show 45 icons).


You can override this behaviour using the Value Per Icon setting, so that you can show much larger numbers, as shown below:

US States population 2010 – one icon per 1,000,000 inhabitants

Note that there is a hard limit for large numbers – if the maximum value is greater than 1,000 then the Value per Icon setting will be automatically adjusted to a value that gives a sensible visual output. For example, in the example above the maximum value is around 30,000,000 so the Value per Icon is automatically set to 1,000,000. It is possible to override this to a greater value but not to a lesser value – for example, setting the Value per Icon to 10,000 would have no effect on the visual output.