Bubble / Scatter Chart Widget

Description The Bubble / Scatter Chart allows you to plot one indicator against another. E.g. smoking vs lung cancer. Optionally a third indicator can be used to control the size of the point plotted.
Shows all Areas By default all areas are displayed on the chart. You can override this to show only the reported area if required.
Show Comparison Values If you have set up comparison areas in your feature service (see Data section) you can choose to display data in your scatter chart for those areas. This is often used to display for instance national or regional figures.
Point style, Size and Colour Points on the chart can be displayed with different symbols. The size and colour can also be controlled. Different areas can be plotted using all the same colour or unique colours from a range of palettes. Comparison areas can be displayed with alternative symbols . The area being reported can also be shown using a different symbol.
Point Tooltip A tooltip can be configured to dis- play when the user hovers over any data point.
Axis Labels There are a variety of settings that allow you to control how the axis labels are displayed including font, size, value, orientation, wrapping, constrain axis values, label intermittently etc.
Borders, Colours and Styles You can change various aspects of how the scatter chart appears including background colours, highlight colours, titles.
Quick Picks This provides you with some common scatter chart configuration options that can be applied with a single click.