Data Table Widget

table-widget-iconThe Data Table Widget allows you to display data from your map feature service in tabular form. By default the table will show the area being reported as a row and attribute fields for that feature service as columns, however plenty of widget properties allow you to customise the table to suit your needs.

Data  – In the properties for this widget you can pick which attributes / indicators from your feature service and linked CSV / Table are displayed in the table.

Shows all Areas – By default the displays data for the one area being reported. You can override this though so that the shows information for all the areas in you map. The area being reported can also be highlighted in the table.

Show Comparison Values – If you have set up comparison areas in your feature service / CSV / Table you can choose to display data in your for those areas. This is often used to display e.g. national or regional figures.

Flip Table – If required attributes / indicators can be displayed as rows rather than columns. The feature area / comparison areas will be displayed as columns. This can be useful when you have long field names or want to display many fields.

Metadata links – If you have more information about the attributes in your data you can set up links from the field names in the to external webpages holding this information.

Conditional Formatting of Cells – This allows cells to be coloured according to a rule. For example, if the cell value is greater than 80 it could be set to colour the background or Value as Green.

Table Formatting – Change various aspects of the appearance e.g. Border colours, widths and styles, cell colours, header row colours, text colour, alternate row colours etc.

Quick Picks – This provides you with some common data layouts so you can apply a range of settings easily with a single click.