IA Report Builder – 1 May 2017 Release Notes

The latest version of Report Builder (v 1.6.2) is out now!

This version introduces new widgets and functionality and also includes some enhancements and bug fixes.

New XML / HTML widget

The XML/HTML widget has been added to the Report Builder ‘Web’ toolbox:

This widget allows to embed remote html / xml documents in a report. It can also be used to add dynamic text that updates automatically to the selected area of a report. For further questions on the widget, please contact support (support@instantatlas.com).

Metadata popups  for indicators from the data store

Metadata is now available for indicators from a data store. There are multiple ways to access metadata information.

Data properties of widgets

The properties of a widget hold the ‘Data’ tab which allows access to the data store. Links have been added to each indicator – click on the i icon behind the indicator name to display a popup with metadata information.

Quick Pick

Text Box, Data Table and Time Series Table have a qick pick that allow to add metadata links behind the indicator names used by the widget. Open the ‘Quick Pick’ tab in the widget properties and select ‘With Metadata Links’.

Note that this quick pick does not override the style of a widget.

DataStore Metadata widget

The DataStore Metadata widget has been added to the Report Builder ‘Other’ toolbox:

Add the widget to your report and select one or more indicators from the data store in the Properties / Data tab to display metadata for your selection. Content and styling can be defined in Properties / Settings.