Data Catalog | Web Map Builder

Web Map Builder allows you to easily add data from an InstantAtlas data catalog to any web map. This saves you navigating around many feature services and lets you browse by a theme tree to find the data you are interested in.

IA Web Map Builder

Quick steps:

  1. Use the explorer tree in the  Data panel the on the left to find an indicator you are interested in
    • Click a folder  to expand it  and see the indicators in that folder
    • Click the metadata button  to see full details for that indicator
  2. Use the core layers menu below the explorer tree to choose a core layer in the catalog
  3. Use the Add button for an indicator to add that indicator to your map for the geography specified in the core layers menu. Alternatively, click the the Add All button to add that indicator to your map for all of the geography layers it is available for in the catalog.
  4. Switch to the  Layers panel to view the new map layer(s) for that indicator
  5. Click on a feature in the map to see the time series for your indicator
  6. Use the Save button to save your new or amended web map back to ArcGIS Online


The options in the toolbar in the top-right hand corner of the screen are described below:

  1. Choose Catalog – select from the data catalogs in your organisational account
  2. Open Web Map – opens an existing web map and add to it
  3. Save – saves the current web map
  4. Reset Web Map – reset the web map to its original state
  5. Ellipsis:
    • Use scale thresholds for map layers – depending on the catalog you are using, your data may not be immediately visible in the map view on the right. The Web Map Builder uses scale thresholds that are set up for UK data. If you are not using UK data you can turn the scale thresholds off using this setting.
    • One layer per date – when you add an indicator to your web map, if this setting is turned off only the latest available date will be added. If the setting is turned on, a layer will be added for each date that the indicator is available for.


The data in the web map is a snapshot – it will not update automatically when new dates are added to indicators in the data catalog. However, if you re-open the same web map in Web Map Builder it will cross-check against the catalog mastertable and tell you if there is new data available.