Data Catalog | Inspector

The InstantAtlas Data Catalog Inspector allows you to quickly check the integrity of your own data catalog in your ArcGIS Online account. It checks that Themes, Indicators and Instances are all related to each other correctly and also checks that connections between the catalog and the underlying feature services are working.


If the inspector finds errors when checking Themes or Indicators it will show a Repair button. This allows you to auto-repair some of the errors found. For themes this means removing duplicate records and re-structuring the hierarchy to “rescue” orphan themes. For indicators the inspector can also remove duplicates and “rescue” orphan indicators. These repairs work best when your catalog is linked to an InstantAtlas National Data Service.

There are limits to the repair functionality. It is not possible to auto-repair your catalog when, for example, feature services have been deleted or moved, permissions or access have been changed or records have been manually deleted from the catalog master table – these kinds of changes are complex and an auto-repair could well do more harm than good. This means that the inspector does not try to repair instance errors since typically these are caused by changes to (or removal of) fields in your underlying data feature services and are best addressed using the Data Catalog Manager. If you are a National Data Service customer then you should read the Data Catalog | National Data Service Integration page which details how to keep your catalog synchronized with the feature services that form part of the data service.

Note that repairs can take a long time if you have a lot of indicator-level errors.