Data Catalog | National Data Service Integration

If you are an InstantAtlas customer of the National Data Service you can use the Data Catalog Manager to integrate your own data (held either in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Server) with the data held in the data service. To do this you hold a Data Catalog in your organization’s ArcGIS Online account which can “talk back” to InstantAtlas to ensure that it is kept up-to-date when the national data service gains new data. This page will take you through the steps to set up your data catalog in this way. For more information of how a data catalog works and what the rules are please refer to the main Data Catalog help page.

  1. The first step is to obtain copies of both the master table and the metadata table from the InstantAtlas Team. These will be supplied to you as pre-populated file geodatabases in ZIP format.
  2. Upload both of these databases into your ArcGIS Online account, making sure that for each you choose Publish as a Hosted Layer.

    You must make sure that the master table has the tags ia-item-type=CatalogMasterTable and ia-item-managed=no. These tell the Data Catalog tools that this table can be used.
  3. The next step is to set up your catalog to be able to “talk back” to the version hosted by GeoWise so that updates can be pushed out to you*.
    1. Create a new CSV file (e.g. in Excel) or contact the Esri UK Technical Support helpdesk for an example one – use the rows/columns below:
      ID Name Item_Type Service_Url Item_Order
      Metadata Metadata Service Metadata ++ 0
      HostedShadow Hosted Shadow Service HostedShadow ## 0
    2. Open your new metadata item in ArcGIS Online and find its URL:
    3. Insert this URL and the URL of the hosted copy (which the InstantAtlas Team will have supplied to you) into your CSV file:
      ++ The URL of your metadata table
      ## The URL of the EsriUK-hosted version of the catalog master table
      The URLs should have a format similar to:
    4. In ArcGIS Online, find your master table item, open it and click on the Update Data button, then select Append Data to Layer.
    5. Choose your new CSV file then click Upload.
    6. On the next dialog, make sure that Update existing features is not checked, then Apply Updates.
    7. Switch to the Data tab on your master table item page and check that the two rows are now part of your table.
  4. Now switch to and Sign In.
  5. Click on Manage Catalog – you should now see your new National Data Service Data Catalog, complete with core layers, themes and indicators. You’re ready to go!

Once your Data Catalog is set up, you can use the Check for Updates button at the top right of the screen to check for updates to the hosted version and then select which of those updates you wish to apply. Each update to the national data service is documented in a blog post – you can subscribe to these to make sure you know when data has been released.

You can add your own data to the data catalog using the standard steps – see the Data Catalog | Manager help page for more information. To make sure that your data integrates seamlessly with the data in the national data service there are a few restrictions/rules you need to be aware of – please read the rules section of the main data catalog help page and take a look at the FAQs. We have written a few blog posts to help guide you through working with the Data Catalog tools.

* Unfortunately we cannot automate this step, because of the way ArcGIS Online constructs URLs for feature services when you choose Publish as a Hosted Layer. If you need more help with this section please contact the Esri UK Technical Support helpdesk.