Data Catalog | Explorer

The Data Explorer allows your users to search for data held in an InstantAtlas Data Catalog using search phrases and various filters including theme, geography and publisher.

To get started just type your search term in the box at the top of the screen:

Data Explorer will show you all the data available that matches your search term –  you can inspect the metadata for selected data, view the data in tabular form, view data on a map or add the data to your favourites.  Data can be downloaded as CSV file(s) or you can open the Web Map Builder with your selected data. You can share links to data in the Explorer using the Share buttons. When you download data, you can do this for all areas/dates or make a custom selection – this selection will be remembered when you view another indicator.

Data Explorer is also available as a configurable app for ArcGIS Online to allow you to share the data in your catalog with anonymous users, for example as part of a “data observatory”.