IA Report Builder – 12 June 2018 Release Notes

The latest version of Report Builder (v 1.9.6) is out now!

In this version we have made improvements to the ArcGIS web map widget and added new tools/buttons to make it easier to find/edit the selected indicators for a widget.

Major changes

  • ArcGIS web map widget improvements/fixes:
    • Title text can contain HTML (must start and end with < and > to trigger it)
    • Can now show thematic maps for CSV-derived data (see screenshot below)

Thematic web map widget

Minor changes

  • Changes to fully support the use of “live links” for *.css and *.js in generated/published reports
  • Fixes for PDF generating code when using non-pixel sizes for reports
  • Addition of limited and basic microdata (http://schema.org/) into HTML generated by reports
  • Fixes for UI issues arising from the refactoring of the widget properties dialog
  • Miscellaneous fixes for widget properties/behaviours:
    • Bar chart widget now correctly merges indicator series with the same name, so you can get time series with indicator bars
    • All chart widgets now allow you to set the font colour for legends
  • New tools/buttons to make it easier to find and edit the selected indicators for a widget:
    • Indicator/tree “actions” toolbar now docked to botton of dialog area just above OK/Close/Apply and now includes search box
    • Find next selected” button – scrolls the dialog to the next “checked” indicator
    • Show only checked” button – changes the theme/indicator tree to only show selected/checked indicators
    • New metadata buttons in indicator alias dialog
    • Fixes for click/drag handling in the indicator aliases dialog
    • Select all indicators” button is auto-hidden when the data sources include a data store source (for performance reasons)
  • Minor changes to HTML of published reports to improve semantics/structure (see also microdata above)