IA Report Builder – 15 May 2018 Release Notes

The latest version of Report Builder (v 1.9.4) is out now!

In this version we have added column grouping in the table widget and made some minor UI improvements.

Major changes

  • Changes to the way reports can be published to allow snapshots/rollback
  • TableWidget now supports “column grouping”, which allows you to associate rates/counts together for example

Minor changes

  • To simplify the UI, the chart “Palette” property is hidden by default and instead the custom palettes have been relabelled so that they are used in all cases
  • Custom chart palettes are now pushed into the drop-down list of those available in the current session
  • Changes to the UI of widget settings dialog to improve responsiveness and reduce initial opening time
  • Fix for WebMapWidget to allow you to override the standard web map with another one