IA Dashboard Builder – 16 March 2018 Release Notes

The latest version of Dashboard Builder (v 1.5.2) is out now!

In this version we have added the ability to create funnel plots, as well as fixing annoyances in the data manager.

Funnel plots

A funnel plot layout is now available and the metadata elements required to populate this type of chart have been exposed. Funnel plots are a type of statistical process control chart in which the indicator in question is plotted against the denominator or sample size, producing a funnel shape. They are an important tool in public health and can be used to show different types of data, such as proportions, directly and indirectly standardised rates.

Funnel plot layout


  • Issue in the data manager with creation of unwanted themes, etc when dragging items into the data model
  • Fixes for annoyances to do with change/apply popups in the data manager