IA Report Builder – 29 May 2018 Release Notes

The latest version of Report Builder (v 1.9.5) is out now!

In this version we have made changes to improve performance and the user interface.

Major changes

  • Startup code amended to improve startup time for data-store-bonded reports
  • Changes to event handling to improve speed in browsers other than Chrome
  • There are new options for the Settings window that opens when editing a widget – see the red box in the image below:

Widget settings view options

The 4th option (from the left) allows you to dock the settings window to the right of the editor screen, which is particularly useful as it does not obscure your view of the report.

Widget settings window docked

Minor changes

  • Table widget “column grouping” improved to allow more control over what is shown for comparisons
  • Widget settings dependencies modified to improve “multi dependency”
  • Widget settings dialog UI modified to give more prominence to the “hints” or “filters” for specific tasks
  • Modifications to UI of widget settings dialog to improve responsiveness and reduce initial opening time
  • Fixes for display issues in Firefox