IA Report Builder – 30 April 2018 Release Notes

The latest version of Report Builder (v 1.9.3) is out now!

In this version we have made a large number of fixes in areas such as data loading, data caching and the user interface.

Significant changes

  • Fixes for data loading/matching for feature services with “extra features”
  • Fixes for the data caching options
  • Fixes for Navigator and Layer Attachment widgets to remove the “unexpected error” when dragging them onto design
  • CSV data connection fixes:
    • correctly deal with data sources where ID column is not the 1st column or named the same as the source ID column
    • allow blank rows within/at the end of CSV data without failing
  • Fix for indicator aliases (allow & symbol) and ordering
  • Fix for comparison data that is supplied by ArcGIS Online before some of the standard feature data

Minor changes

  • Split the colour scheme “headings & borders” into “headings” and “borders”
  • Fixes for HTML infographic widgets to make them scale properly when showing one feature/many indicators as well as one indicator/many features
  • Fix for widgets losing margins when they are edited
  • Changes to editor UI to allow you to reset colour boxes
  • Fixes for colour chooser when either many dialogs have been shown and/or page is scrolled
  • Fixes for UI for selection of indicators both from CSV and the source/master dataset
  • Enhancement to indicator alias/ordering dialog to allow you to drag-n-drop indicators into new order
  • Enhancement to icon picker drop-down for text editor to apply a label to the icon
  • Enhancement to icon picker drop-downs to arrange items in up to 3 columns rather than a long list (screen-size dependent)
  • Fix for connection/join to ArcGIS Server instances that do not support pagination (in the Add Layer/Add Table wizards)
  • Enhancement to chart widgets to allow special axis label format of “[blank]” which keeps tick marks/layout but disables text display:
    • Can use “[blank]” or “[blank]” e.g. “[blank]#NAME” or “[blank]#NAME, #DATE”