IA Dashboard Builder – 6 December 2017 Release Notes

The latest version of Dashboard Builder (v 1.4.9) is out now!

In this version we have fixed a few bugs, added data source details in the data manager and updated the user interface to display names for dashboards and color palettes. 

Dashboard Name

Dashboard Builder now displays the name of a dashboard when in edit mode. The name is taken from the dashboard title that needs to be defined when creating a new dashboard. You can change the dashboard title in the item properties in ArcGIS Online / content to update the name at a later stage.

Data Source details

Information on the source data is now available in the Data Manager. Click on the info icon behind a feature service to get more information about the item.

Palette names

Numeric and categoric palettes in the map legend properties now have names that make them easier to identify. Click on the ‘Color Palette’ button and hover over a palette to display the name.


  • Fix for saving dashboards with a new id (‘save as’) – the URL will now be generated correctly.
  • Dashboard Builder now displays a warning when filters from outside the core data layer are set.
  • Csv data can be added to the data sources by providing a URL that links to a csv file.