IA Dashboard Builder – 19 September 2018 Release Notes

The latest version of Dashboard Builder (v 1.6.3) is out now!

In this version we have applied a number of minor changes and bug fixes.

  • Fixes to layer management (hidden layers no longer unintentionally move to support layers)
  • Fixes for legend rounding and legend falsely treating numeric indicators as categoric
  • In the time series chart the ‘List Of Dates To Ignore’ is now also applied to comparison features. In previous versions comparison trend lines would still show the hidden dates. Here the green line is a comparison feature.  Data for 2011 has been set to be hidden:
    Now the chart also hides the 2011 data for the comparison trend line:
  • Added ability to show comparisons as columns and targets in spine charts
  • Added ability to specify what associates to use for upper and lower limits in bar chart
  • Added ability to merge data across geographies in dropdown explorer. A new geography drop down list is added to the widget if it is set to merge the data:
  • Added ability to calculate statistical significance in health profile by providing numerator and denominator for proportion data
  • Added ability to calculate funnel plot from numerator and denominator for proportion data
  • Added ability to hide the notes button in the data explorer and area profile widgets even if notes links are defined in the data properties
  • It is again possible to open the global Web Maps folders on the home screen