IA Data Catalog – 31 July 2020 Release Notes

The latest version of InstantAtlas Data Catalog (version 2.1.3) is now available at https://hub.instantatlas.com/.


  • ArcGIS JavaScript API migrated to version 4.x
  • Web Map Builder uses smartMapping module(s) from API throughout
  • Web Map Builder now has a new option to allow proportional symbols for count data (user option). This option is available from the ellipsis menu in the top right corner
  • Inspector now shows warning messages when Item_Order is missing for an Indicator in the master table
  • Web Map Builder now handles categoric data gracefully
  • The Data Catalog Manager pre-checks for new core layers in hosted tables to ensure that updates stay in sync
  • The Data Catalog Manager disables buttons in the UI that trigger an update whilst another update is still processing
  • Minor UI cleanup around dialogs and buttons

Bug fixes:

  • Web Map Builder will now exclude data where all values are null from the map – previously this was causing an error dialog to appear
  • Web Map Builder how handles Feature Collections properly when opening an existing web map – previously this was generating a JSON error
  • Metadata page now falls back to using the standard metadata table if there is not one defined within the targeted master table