IA Data Explorer – 10 July 2020 Release Notes

The latest version of InstantAtlas Data Explorer (version 2.0.2) is now available at https://hub.instantatlas.com/.

Version 2.0.2 includes two areas of change.

View ArcGIS Online Item button

If you are signed in to ArcGIS Online (i.e. you sign in via the Data Catalog app or the Data Explorer app is launched with a ?token=xxxxxx argument) you will see a View ArcGIS Online Item button displayed under the Data, Map, Time Series or Ranked Bar Chart tabs.

IA data explorer link to item button

When clicked, the button takes you to the item in ArcGIS Online that contains the data for indicator you are viewing in the data explorer.

This button has been added in order to make it easy to obtain the endpoint of the ArcGIS feature layer containing an indicator from an InstantAtlas data catalog. There are a number of scenarios in which it might be useful to have the endpoint, one being that it enables the use of the data held in the data catalog in other third party systems, such as Microsoft Power BI for example.

Update to sharing/token behaviour

The Data Explorer has been updated so that when it is run in authorised mode (i.e. not shared with everyone) it will pass the token down to all of the feature services it uses. Furthermore, a public-shared Data Explorer will detect whether it needs a sign in for specific feature layers. If the data for the indicator searched for is stored in a feature layer that is protected, the user will be asked to sign in to ArcGIS Online in order to view the indicator in question.