IA Data Explorer – 17 June 2020 Release Notes

The latest version of InstantAtlas Data Explorer (version 2.0.1) is now available at https://hub.instantatlas.com/.

Version 2.0.1 adds powerful new filtering, user interface improvements and bug fixes.


  • New functionality to filter features in the active geography using one or more fields in the feature layer. This allows you to filter to the features contained in a larger area (see example given below)
  • Modal windows now have Apply, Clear and Cancel buttons
  • Search now launches when user clicks a Go button or hits Enter
  • Adjustments to size of modal windows and mobile layout
  • Title and description removed from the list when viewing the Metadata tab (as these are already displayed at the top of the page)

Bug fixes

  • Search not accepting a space in the search term
  • Search launching too quickly when typing a term
  • Filter screen showing incorrect content when the data explorer was set to be filtered to a single root theme in the data catalog (Root Theme ID setting)
  • Modal window display in Internet Explorer 11

New filtering


A new configuration setting (Field Filters) has been added that allows the owner of the app to supply a comma-delimited list of filter fields that will be displayed in the data explorer.


The list of field filters is displayed when the user clicks the Filter Settings button in the data explorer. If multiple filter fields have been defined, these will be shown in a drop down menu. If only a single filter field has been defined, this will be shown as text. If a field filter contains the same value for all of the features in the active geography, that field will automatically be hidden from the user.

IA Data Explorer field filters

The end user can select a field to filter the features displayed in the active tab. In the Map tab, the map will automatically zoom to the bounding box of the filtered features. The filter is retained when switching between tabs. In the Time Series tab, the Limit Features button/checkbox will automatically disappear if the number of filtered features is less than 10. The user has the option to perform further filtering to select specific features within the field filter by clicking the Features button.

For example, the Map tab is showing Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) for Suffolk County.

IA Data Explorer map showing LSOAs

The user can filter to the LSOAs in a particular district, for example Ipswich (District=Ipswich). The map automatically zooms to the filtered features.

IA Data Explorer filtered map

Switching to the Data tab retains the filter and the table (and the data download) will contain only the LSOAs in Ipswich.

IA Data Explorer filtered data tab

Modal windows

The modal windows in the data explorer have gained Apply, Clear and Cancel buttons to make them more user-friendly.

IA Data Explorer modal window