IA Data Explorer 2.1.0 – 10 May 2022 Release Notes

List of changes

Ordering of indicators

We have improved the order in which the Data Explorer will display indicators from the National Data Service on initial load and when it is filtered to a theme (with no search term). Prior to this change, indicators in different themes were ending up with an identical score for the purposes of ordering, which resulted in an illogical and confusing list of indicators from different sub-themes. Where an indicator has supporting indicators (e.g. numerator, denominator, confidence intervals), such as much of the health data in the National Data Service, the supporting indicators are now consistently listed immediately below the main indicator to make it easier to read the list. On initial load, the ONS mid-year population estimates appear first, with the total population at the top of the list.

Table sorting

It is now possible to sort the columns ascending/descending in the table view by clicking on a column heading. The sorting state is maintained even if you switch to view data for a different geography.

Mixed data sources

We have made improvements to the way the Data Explorer works with a data catalog that references ArcGIS Enterprise services as well as services in ArcGIS Online, whether these are public or restricted. This is important for customers that host their own data catalog and wish to incorporate data from a mix of sources.

Custom metadata fields

Again, for customers hosting their own data catalog, any custom/extra fields added to the data catalog metadata table will now be displayed in the Data Explorer (in the Metadata view).

Hiding indicators

There is now a configuration option to hide indicators that do not have an entry in the data catalog metadata table. This can be useful to exclude certain indicators that need to be part of the catalog, but do not need to be listed in the Data Explorer.

Bug fixes

  • Unable to backtrack after insufficient rights to view a restricted indicator
  • ArcGIS Online token included in Share link when viewing a restricted indicator

We hope you will enjoy the new version of Data Explorer!

If you have any questions relating to this release please contact support@instantatlas.com.