IA Data Explorer 2.2.0 – 29 Sep 2023 Release Notes

List of changes

Filter modal window

When the Filter button on the Data Explorer home page is clicked, the filter modal window now opens instantly. Prior to this update, this window could take 10 seconds or more to appear.

Data Explorer filter modal window

Decimal places

Up until this update, the Data Explorer had no capability to enforce a consistent number of decimal places for numerical data values. In other words, the application would simply display the values stored in the feature service in ArcGIS. An example is shown below – in the 2013 columns there are values displayed with 0, 1 and 2 decimal places (this is how the values appear in the underlying feature service).

Data Explorer data table with inconsistent decimal places

From this update, the Data Explorer will now look for a field with a name of DecimalPlaces in the metadata table for the data catalog. If this is found, the Data Explorer will use the values in this field to set the display decimal places for each indicator. In the example above, if the decimal places field contained a 2 for the Persons age group 0-4% indicator, all data values in the table would be displayed to two decimal places. If there is no decimal places field in the metadata table, the Data Explorer will revert to displaying the values as they are defined in the underlying feature service.

Metadata ordering

Control over the display of metadata in the Data Explorer has been improved. Using the Metadata Fields setting in the application configuration, the owner can control the list of fields that will be displayed in the Data Explorer, irrespective of whether the fields in the metadata table were supplied as standard, or were subsequently added as custom fields. There is now also complete control over the order in which metadata fields are displayed, simply by changing the order in the configuration setting. Again, it is possible to reorder elements irrespective of whether they are standard or custom fields.

Data Explorer metadata tab displaying custom fields

Data export

The data export has been improved so that it now contains custom as well as standard metadata fields. Also, when the Data Explorer is running in the German locale, the CSV export format now opens correctly in Excel (; as delimiter).

German text

Minor changes have been made to the interface text when running the Data Explorer in German.

We hope you will enjoy the new version of Data Explorer!

If you have any questions relating to this release please contact support@instantatlas.com.