IA National Data Service – Census 2021 first results

The first results of Census 2021 were added to the National Data Service on 4th July 2022 and are now available for viewing.

This brand new set of around 140 indicators can be found in the the Population theme, under a Census 2021 subtheme. This dataset combines the first release results for 2021 – available at local authority, region and country level for England and Wales – with the closest equivalent data selected from NOMIS for 2011, 2001 and 1991 to show change over time in the headline data. The population estimates are broken down by sex, broad age group and 5-year age groups.

Note that there may be some differences to the basis on how the values were generated. Note also that this first release data for 2021 gives figures rounded to the nearest 100 – later release will be unrounded and can be expected to show some differences to these figures.

For customers with a managed Data Observatory website, the data are displayed in the following places:

1) Population reports for top and lower tier local authorities (updated 7th July 2022)

NDS report with Census 2021 data

2) Population Map Explorer (updated 4th July 2022)

Map Explorer with Census 2021 data

3) Data Explorer (updated 4th July 2022)

Data Explorer with Census 2021 data

We will add further data from Census 2021 to the National Data Service once these have been released. You can read the release plans from ONS for the data here.