IA National Data Service – February 2021 Data Update


January 2021 monthly and 12 monthly rolling average data were uploaded on the 26th of February. All affected reports were last updated on the 27th of February.

Economy & Employment

Claimant Count (Jan 2021) was last updated on the 23rd of February.

From the NOMIS release notes for January 2021 processing: A small number of Universal Credit claims may not be included in the January 2021 Claimant Count. This may affect up to 20,000 claims throughout the UK, but the actual number is expected to be substantially fewer. These claims are expected to be included in future Claimant Count releases.

Jobs density estimates for 2019 and revised figures for 2018 were corrected due to minor errors due to geographical changes.

All affected reports were published by the 24th of February.


A PHOF update – Public Health Outcomes Framework – was carried out on the 19th of February. Related reports were published on the 20th of February.

For this release a total of 46 indicators have been updated:

    • Inequality in life expectancy at birth and at 65 years and over
    • 10 indicators from the wider determinants of health domain
    • 31 indicators from the health improvement domain
    • 2 indicators from the health protection domain
    • 1 indicator from the healthcare and premature mortality domain


Electricity and Gas consumption figures were updated on the 19th of February. Please note: for this update historical data was revised.