IA National Data Service – October 2020 Data Update

Economy & Employment

Claimant Count (September 2020) updated on the 14th of September. All affected reports were updated on the 16th of September.

Annual Population Survey indicators (2019) were updated on the 16th of October. A selection of measures included in this release are listed below:

      • Qualifications (GCSE and NVQ)
      • Economically inactive
      • Occupation (SOC2010)
      • Economic activity rate
      • Unemployment rate
      • Ethnic group by economic activity
      • Hours worked weekly
      • Economic activity of those with health conditions or illnesses lasting more than 12 month

Business Counts (2020) were updated on the 8th of October.


Several indicators from the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) dataset have been updated on the 14th of October.

Please, find below an extract of the indicators included in this update:

    • Violent crime – violence offences per 1,000 population
    • Under 18s conception rate / 1,000
    • Under 75 mortality rate from liver disease/respiratory disease/cancer/cardiovascular disease/
    • Infant mortality rate
    • Hip fractures in people aged 65 and over
    • TB incidence
    • Excessive winter deaths index

Wellbeing indicators (2020) have been updated on the 30th of September and affected reports published in the first week of October.


Household Projections (2018) were updated on the 1st of October. Council Tax Bands and affected reports have been updated on the 15th of October.