IA National Data Service – October 2021 Data Update


September 2021 monthly and 12 monthly rolling average data was released at the beginning of October and updated and published on AGOL with relative reports on the 01st of October.

Economy & Employment

Claimant Count (September 2021) was last updated on the 12th of October. All affected reports were published by the 13th of October.

The Annual Population Survey (APS) for Jul 2020 – Jun 2021 was published on the 13th of October. The APS is a residence-based labour market survey that collects information on population, economic activity (employment and unemployment), economic inactivity and qualifications. These are broken down where possible by gender, age, ethnicity, industry and occupation. Available at Local Authority level and above, this dataset is updated quarterly.

Topics covered in the APS dataset include:

    • Country of birth
    • Disability level
    • Economic activity (employment, unemployment and economic activity)
    • Ethnic group
    • Health problems
    • Hours worked weekly
    • Industry of employment
    • Job-related training
    • National identity and Welsh language
    • Nationality
    • Occupation of employment
    • Public and private sector employment
    • Qualifications

ASHE – Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings – Indicators (2020) were published on AGOL on the 28th of October. This dataset includes information on weekly and annual pay for full and part-time workers. Disaggregation available by gender.

People in Universal Credit data up till September 2021 is now available on the Data Catalog. Latest release was published on AGOL on the 25th of October.

Experimental Small Area Income Estimates have been published on the 15th of October. These indicators give an experimental measure of gross and net income using data from HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Self-Assessment and the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) benefit systems.

Business Counts (2021) were updated on the 6th of October.


Council Tax Bands and affected reports have been updated on the 6th of October. Dwelling Types have been published on the 15th of October.

Public Health Outcomes Framework:

The PHOF latest release was updated on the 18th of October. A comprehensive list of all updates is available here.