IA National Data Service – September 2021 Data Update


August 2021 monthly and 12 monthly rolling average data was released only at the beginning of October. Data updates will figure in the October blog update.

Economy & Employment

Claimant Count (August 2021) was last updated on the 14th of September. All affected reports were published by the 16th of September.

The Annual Population Survey (APS) for Apr 2020-Mar 2021 was published on the 17th of September. The APS is a residence-based labour market survey that collects information on population, economic activity (employment and unemployment), economic inactivity and qualifications. These are broken down where possible by gender, age, ethnicity, industry and occupation. Available at Local Authority level and above, this dataset is updated quarterly.


The Population estimates for small area based by single year of age have been updated on the 16th of September. The latest referral year is 2020.


Data from the 2021 School Census was added to the National Data Service on the 7th of September. This release contains information on pupil characteristics including:

    • Free School Meals (FSM) eligibility
    • English as an additional language
    • Ethnicity
    • Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan