IA Report Builder 2.2.0 – 15 October 2021 Release Notes


Report Builder version 2.2.0 fixes a number of bugs and also introduces functionality (beta) to import or link to other reports.

Bug fixes

  • Case sensitivity issue with feature ID field
  • Stacked bar chart with look-down comparison areas shhowing incorrect colours
  • Web map widget – visible layers not acting on raster layers
  • Text widget stripping text following a number (improvement to number formatting)
  • Editing table widget indicator aliases breaks widget height
  • Icon Chart widget height behaviour
  • “Fill to” settings missing from Icon Chart widget
  • Toggler widget not working on a phone screen
  • Report toolbar display issues on a phone screen
  • Commas missing between list of area names (#FNAMES) for aggregated reports

Importing/linking to other reports

It is now possible, for any page in a report, to specify another Report Builder report to import or to link to. This means that one report can be built from others, and that if linking is used, that any changes made to linked reports will automatically feed through to the parent report. This opens the door for a different approach to building and managing reports.

Note that this is beta functionality and we welcome any feedback on how we have implemented this in Report Builder. We created a help page and will be adding further information and examples to this.

To access the option to import or link, edit your report and click Pages > Current Page > Import or Link.

Report Builder option to import or link a report

You will be asked for browse in your ArcGIS Online organisation for a report design to import/link.

Report Builder choose report design option

We hope you will enjoy using this new functionality!

If you have any questions relating to this release please contact support@instantatlas.com.