IA National Data Service – June 2018 Data Update

New Data

Household Estimates and Projections

Data from the 2014-based household projections has been added to the National Data Service. This includes the estimated/projected number of households from 1991 to 2039, breakdowns by household type and the average household size. This data, available at local authority level and above, is now available through the master table to include in your own reports and dashboards and through the data explorer.

We will update the data on the National Data Service with the 2016-based household projections when these are published by ONS later in 2018.

Population by nationality and country of birth 

We have added data on the number of people living in the UK who hold other nationalities or were born outside the UK.  These data are available at local authority level and above, and include a breakdown by region (for example, the data for other European countries is split by EU14, EU8, EU2, other EU and non-EU) and the countries with the five largest populations.

Data Updates 

Claimant Count 

The May 2018 data has been added to the system. This data is pulled as counts from the NOMIS API and rates are calculated using the best available mid-year population estimates. These were released before the 2017 population estimates. The update next month will include adjustments to the rates for the previous 12 months at district level and above. The data was released on 12 June. It was available on the live sites by the end of the day and all live reports were updated by 19 June.


The April 2018 update was released at the start of June and made available on 4 June.

House Prices

The quarterly data at ward level up to Dec 2017 was released on 20 June and added to the National Data Service on the same day.  Reports using this data will be updated soon.

Index of Multiple Deprivation

We have added the district ranking and the underlying indicator values to the IMD 2015 data.

Population Estimates (at local authority level) 

The 2017 mid-year estimates were released on 28 June, and available on the National Data Service on 4 July. Where the values are used as denominators (e.g. Claimant Count) we will apply this from the next release of claimant count data in July but note that the estimates will be applied to historical months where appropriate.

July additions

Rural-Urban Classification 

We will be adding data from the 2011 Rural-Urban Classification to the National Data Service during July.

July updates

Claimant Count 

The June 2018 data will be released on 17 July with the aim of addition to the National Data Service within 2 working days. Unless there are significant changes this is normally available the same day with the report updates following soon after.


The May 2018 update will be released in early July and will be added to the National Data Service shortly afterwards.

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