InstantAtlas Report Builder Gallery

Welcome to the gallery for InstantAtlas Report Builder. Report Builder is an app for designing and publishing any type of report on ArcGIS Online from simple snapshots to complex, multi-page area profiles. The examples selected for this gallery demonstrate a range of use cases and illustrate the array of widgets available within Report Builder and the high degree of flexibility around report design.

Warwickshire Electoral Ward Overview

This report had a two column layout and uses a range of different chart widgets to display data for electoral wards in Warwickshire, UK. This is one of many reports available from Warwickshire Insights.

Warwickshire electoral wards report

US States Health Profile

This report shows Census and BRFSS data for the US States can be built into text, chart and table widgets. Among other things, it demonstrates how different text can be dynamically displayed depending on the underlying data values.

National Cycle Network Infrastructure

This report uses as the primary data source a feature layer created by summarizing the amount of National Cycle Network (NCN) infrastructure (from the Living Atlas) in each local authority in the UK.

Cycle Network report

Hazardous Substances-related Hospitalisations

This report includes nice examples of charts using error bars to show confidence limits.

Covid-19 Response Planning

This report was designed to support local authorities with their Covid-19 response planning by pulling together a selection of relevant indicators from the National Data Service.

Covid 19 Response Planning report

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Facts

This report demonstrates the ability to precisely control the alignment of multiple text and image widgets to create this factsheet style output.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Facts report

Retail points around Crossrail Stations

This report makes use of the Related Records Table widget of Report Builder to report on retail points, in this case supermarkets, within a specified radius (1km in this example) of Crossrail stations.

Retail Points report

Munich: Statistical Pocket Book

This report is styled more like a hard-copy report and demonstrates among other things that the text can be in any language!

Munich Statistical Pocket Book report