IA Report Builder – 25 June 2017 Release Notes

The latest version of Report Builder (v 1.6.3) is out now!

In this version we are introducing a ‘…from Data Store’ option when the ‘New Report’ button is clicked on the home screen.

This update only applies to users with access to our National Data Store. For those users clicking on the New Report button will bring up two options: ‘…from Data Store’ and ‘…from Web Map’.

…from Data Store

If you want to create a report with data from the National Data Store click the ‘…from Data Store’ option. Choose a layout from the menu and click the ‘Create’ button. This will open a ‘Choose Data Layer’ popup similar to the one shown below.

Data Store Data Layer Popup

Choose a data layer. This will create the report and send you to the report screen.

…from Web Map

If you do not want to use data from the National Data Store data in your report, click the ‘…from Web Map’ option from the orange button instead. The functionality of this option is identical to that of the ‘New Report’ button of prior releases.