Announcing InstantAtlas Report Builder+

Starting today (6th February 2019) if you are an existing customer you may notice some differences in Report Builder and Dashboard Builder. We have reorganised our products in the ArcGIS Marketplace to streamline and improve both your experience and our workflow. So from now, Dashboard Builder and Report Builder have been merged into a single product, InstantAtlas Report Builder+. If you have previously purchased a licence for either Dashboard Builder or Report Builder you can upgrade to the new Report Builder+ and next time you sign in we will ask if you want to do just that.

Much more information on Report Builder+ can be found on our website ( and we’ve tried to answer the most common questions about this change below. If you have any other questions please contact us at

How much will this cost?
If you are an existing customer you will stay on the same terms as before. But if you only had access to one app before you now have access to two!
Have the licence terms changed?
You can find the full licence terms at If you are an existing customer, nothing much has changed except that the licensing model has moved from per-organization to per-member.
How do I sign in to Dashboard/Report Builder?
The sign in process has not changed. The only difference you will see is that the OAuth sign in (“Request for Permission”) screen will say “Report Builder+ wants to access your ArcGIS Online account information” rather than “Dashboard Builder wants…”.
The dialog box I see doesn't contain a button to upgrade!
You need to be an administrator of your ArcGIS Online account to perform the upgrade. If one of the administrators of your organisational ArcGIS Online account has access to Report Builder or Dashboard Builder you can ask them to log in and click on the “Yes, Upgrade” button. Alternatively they can go to the Marketplace listing of InstantAtlas Report Builder+ and select “Buy”.
I have selected to upgrade but the message keeps reappearing!
Please wait until the support team have activated your Report Builder+ subscription. You will receive an e-mail from ArcGIS Online confirming that this has happened. If you haven’t received this after one working day, please contact
I upgraded - now I can’t sign in to Report Builder+!
The sign in process has not changed, but the new license by member model means that you must assign a licence to a member of your organisation from the “Licenses” tab in your ArcGIS Online organisation’s console. If you need more licenses or you are having trouble with this please contact

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