IA Data Catalog – 18 June 2019 Release Notes

The latest version of InstantAtlas Data Catalog (version 2.0.0) is now available at https://hub.instantatlas.com/.

This version is a major release designed to improve the user experience, address a number of bugs, deliver significant speed improvements and to add support for ArcGIS Enterprise/Portal alongside ArcGIS Online.

New features

  • The Web Map Builder tool can now produce maps with multiple time-specific layers per indicator.
  • The Manager tool can support indicators that belong to more than one theme.
  • The Manager and Explorer tools support metadata at both the indicator and instance (indicator, date, geography) level.
  • An Explorer app (for sharing the contents of your catalog with anonymous users) can now be configured to filter to a specified root level theme in your catalog i.e. to exclude data under other root level themes.
  • The Inspector tool now has improved service validation, checking that the services, layers, relationships and fields within your data catalog are correctly set up and consistent.

Bug fixes

  • Drag-and-drop editing in the Manager tool has been completely rebuilt to offer improved consistency and performance.
  • Fix for viewing the Explorer app in Internet Explorer 11


Announcing InstantAtlas Report Builder+

Starting today (6th February 2019) if you are an existing customer you may notice some differences in Report Builder and Dashboard Builder. We have reorganised our products in the ArcGIS Marketplace to streamline and improve both your experience and our workflow. So from now, Dashboard Builder and Report Builder have been merged into a single product, InstantAtlas Report Builder+. If you have previously purchased a licence for either Dashboard Builder or Report Builder you can upgrade to the new Report Builder+ and next time you sign in we will ask if you want to do just that. Continue reading Announcing InstantAtlas Report Builder+