IA Data Catalog – 18 June 2019 Release Notes

The latest version of InstantAtlas Data Catalog (version 2.0.0) is now available at https://hub.instantatlas.com/.

This version is a major release designed to improve the user experience, address a number of bugs, deliver significant speed improvements and to add support for ArcGIS Enterprise/Portal alongside ArcGIS Online.

New features

  • The Web Map Builder tool can now produce maps with multiple time-specific layers per indicator.
  • The Manager tool can support indicators that belong to more than one theme.
  • The Manager and Explorer tools support metadata at both the indicator and instance (indicator, date, geography) level.
  • An Explorer app (for sharing the contents of your catalog with anonymous users) can now be configured to filter to a specified root level theme in your catalog i.e. to exclude data under other root level themes.
  • The Inspector tool now has improved service validation, checking that the services, layers, relationships and fields within your data catalog are correctly set up and consistent.

Bug fixes

  • Drag-and-drop editing in the Manager tool has been completely rebuilt to offer improved consistency and performance.
  • Fix for viewing the Explorer app in Internet Explorer 11


Published by

Keith Morrison

ESRI UK - InstantAtlas