IA National Data Service – August 2020 Data Update


Crime data (June) updated on the 30th of July. All affected reports updated by 7th of August.

Children & Education

NEET (2020) and Absence (2018-2019) data were last updated on the 12th of August and all affected reports on the 13th of the same month.


Fuel Poverty statistics (2018) were uploaded on the 18th of August.

Economy & Employment

Claimant Count (July) updated on the 11th of August. All affected reports were updated on the 13th.


Electricity and Gas Consumption and Carbon Emissions statistics (2018) were uploaded on the 19th and on the 24th of August, respectively. No reports affected.


Several indicators from the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) dataset have been updated on the 20th of August.

Please, find below an extract of the indicators included in this update:

    • Low Birth Weight of Term Babies
    • Inequality in life expectancy at birth
    • Population vaccination coverage
    • Heart failure indicators
    • GP registered population
    • Several Cancer related indicators , including screenings and new cases
    • Breastfeeding, including initiation, first feed and prevalence
    • Fertility rates and Conception Rates for U18s and U16s


Stock of properties data (2019) and vacant dwellings data (2017-2019) were uploaded on the 4th of August. All affected reports were updated on the 13th of August.