IA Report Builder 2.0.2 – 14 June 2021 Release Notes


Report Builder version 2.0.2 addresses a number of bugs, several of which will  ensure a smoother migration from version 1 to version 2 reports. We have also added some of the functionality of Report Builder 1 that had not yet been implemented in version 2, as well as performance, accessibility and error handling improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Bar Charts set to horizontal orientation now also work when the selected data contains upper and lower confidence limits.
  • The Scatter/Bubble Chart widget has gained the setting X Axis Range which allows the x-axis to be constrained between two defined values.
  • The Scatter/Bubble Chart widget can now be configured to show all points in the same colour without having to define a separate colour for each feature. This is done by switching Constrain Palette Colors on:
  • The Filled Icon widget now shows the icon filled in the selected Highlight Color if Highlight Selected Feature is enabled.
  • Copying widgets from one report to another now works more reliably. In version 2.0.1 and when copying multiple widgets in succession, a browser refresh was required between pasting different widgets.
  • In the Edit Chart Colors… dialog (main menu – StylingChart Colors) the Toggle direct edit buttons now work by providing a text field to insert colour values in hexadecimal or RBG format.
  • Exiting a report now takes the user back to the same folder view with the same sorting retained.
  • Fix for an issue with hash/anchor links that occurred when using the # symbol in the browser address bar . This allows users e.g. to jump to a particular section of a report by providing the URL to the anchor tag.
  • Fix for certain font families (those containing spaces in the name) not being applied in view mode of a report.

Improved migration

  • Pie Charts in migrated reports no longer group small segments together into one category.
  • Titles of Table widgets are now migrated correctly.
  • The content of the Table Footer settings from Report Builder 1 is now migrated to the setting Caption in Report Builder 2.
    Please note: Any tables in reports that have been migrated and saved before the release of Report Builder version 2.0.2 will have lost the Table Footer text. You can re-add the text by entering it into the Caption setting manually. Alternatively, if the equivalent version 1 report still exists, you can migrate it again.

Additional functionality

  • It is now possible to change the font colour of text in a Text widget through the editor toolbar. You have the option to choose one of the predefined colours or use the palette icon to open the Color Picker dialog
  • The Advanced Settings dialog in the Pages menu has gained options to customise the index page of the report.
  • Any changes to the Pages|Advanced Settings dialog now turns the Save button of the report editor orange, indicating that there are unsaved changes.
  • Line and scatterplot widget point styles have been extended and some of the less obvious options have been subtly renamed.
  • Web accessibility has been improved by adding the option to show unique point markers in chart series lines and index options to chart labels – please see this blog post to find out more about accessibility for reports created using Report Builder. 
  • The Data Catalog data model is cached in the browser whilst the editor page is open, which means the widget settings dialog opens faster.
  • Improved error messaging when/if connections fail.
  • Widgets have become more robust to temporary data connection errors. If a connection fails, the widget will attempt to reconnect to the data after a few seconds, up to 3 times before giving up.

If you have any questions relating to this release or migration of reports from version 1 to version 2 please contact support@instantatlas.com.