Using InstantAtlas Report Builder to create a report based on the Data Catalog US example data



This resource is for someone that has read the Getting started with the InstantAtlas Data Catalog using US example data article and would now like to use Report Builder to create a report based on that data.

Creating the report

The first step is to sign in to Report Builder. From the Data Catalog Hub homepage click Report Builder (you must have taken a trial of this app from the ArcGIS Marketplace).

Once in Report Builder, select the Web Maps checkbox in the middle of the page. Then click the Web Maps (InstantAtlas Samples) folder below.

You should see a web map in this folder called Data Catalog US Demo Web Map. That starting point for every InstantAtlas report is a web map. Hover the web map with your mouse pointer and click the Page icon (the middle icon of the three) to create a report based on that web map.

Select the first layout option.

Select the layer you wish to create a report for – County, State or US.

Then select the fields from the layer that contain the IDs and the names of the features in the layer. These are:

County – CtyCode, NAME
State – StateCode, NAME

In the example shown below the State layer has been chosen.

The report will be created and you will be presented with a blank page.

Attaching the data catalog as a data source

You will now see how to attach a data catalog as a data source to a report in Report Builder.

Click the Report Settings and Actions button in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Then click Data Sources.

Click the Catalog button and then click Choose Table.

Click on the catalog you created with the US demo data to select it. Then click Choose and Next.

Click the Finish button.

You have now connected the data catalog to the report as a data source.

Displaying the data catalog data in the report

You can now click the Widgets button in the top left-hand corner of the page to start dragging widgets onto the report page. Once you have dragged a widget onto the page, you can edit the widget properties, click the Data tab and select indicators from the data catalog.

For information on creating a report please refer to the Report Builder help pages.